Trolley for working under the network

To work under my network, which is 90 cm above the ground, I made this modular trolley on wheels, which offers :
- a horizontal position, 
- two semi-recumbent positions.

Below is the dimensioned plan for its construction:

This trolley is made from 10 mm plywood and both sides from 18 mm lath. The swivel castors have a diameter of 60 mm.
As can be seen on the plan above, both sides are 10 mm off the ground to prevent the trolley from tipping over on its castors.
For greater comfort, the seat is covered with a foam mat that I cut from a fitness mat (found in a sports shop) and glued to the plywood.

Here's the trolley in horizontal position ...

... and now in a semi-recumbent position

Detail of the folding console used as a central support,
on the left is the backrest support leg.

The folding backrest support leg

View of the hinges under the seat

Reclined position 1
(note the glued foam mat)

Reclined position 2

Horizontal position

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