Map of my network

Michel leffondré

Here's a plan of my layout, which is double-tracked to avoid polarity reversal at the exits of the turnaround loops on levels -2 and -1, as well as the creation of an additional dead-end track leading to a small freight station.
The L-shaped layout measures 2.50 m by 2.05 m and comprises 4 levels, with 67 m of track.
The plans below were produced with Anyrail 5.

Above is the hidden station on level -2, reached by descending the spiral ramp, the end of which can be seen at bottom left.

Then here's the hidden station on level -1 and the start of the right-hand ramp leading to level 0.

Finally, below is level 0, the so-called "parade level", comprising the passenger station with 2 mainline tracks and the cogwheel train track leading to the castle, on level +1 ...

... by bypassing the village and tunneling under the mountain, then crossing the valley on a long curved viaduct to continue in a trench to the upper station, the starting point for excursions to the castle.

Nomenclature of rails used
Here's an overview with highlights

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