In 2023 I undertook the construction of a small diesel depot on a surface of 150cm X 50 cm.
Rocoline code 83 track and DCC roco Z21 Start control unit.

Models used:
- Swing bridge (Roco Ref. 42615)
- Loco warehouse (Bois Modélisme Ref. 105004)
- Rotunda (Bois Modélisme Ref. 104004 and 104002)
- Inspection pit (Bois Modélisme Ref. 104006)
- Oil store (PN SUD Modelisme Ref. 87132)
- Diesel station (PN SUD Modelisme Ref. UGS 87121)
- Water tower (PN SUD Modelisme NP Ref. 8712)
- WC (PN SUD Modelisme Ref. UGS 8786)
- Administration room (Cités Miniatures Ref. ED-028-4-HO)

Cutting out the location for the turntable and making the feeder.

Positioning the rails and turntable on a 5 mm thick sheet of Depron.

Connection of track power supplies to the feeder and power supply for the points motors (MTB MP5) to the transformer. 

Installation of the Roco Z21 Start DCC control unit.

Checking the positioning of models

The administration building and the diesel station.

The Gazoil depot.

The water tower and oil mill, with the inspection pit on the left.

General view 

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