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At the beginning of 2017, I took the plunge and started digitizing my network. A whole new world for me.
First of all, I did a lot of research (thanks to all the modellers whose websites introduced me to the digital world) and learned a lot in the process.
I chose the black Roco Z21 control unit, which I can control via my tablet.
I then had to install digital decoders on all my analog drives fitted with NEM sockets (for the older ones, I'll see later).

This was followed by parameterization of the CVs (notably to adapt the acceleration curves via CVs 67 to 94).
And now, wonderfully, I can run all my trains independently of each other.
I replaced the analog Fleischmann block system with 6 digital Lenz BM3 modules, increasing the number of blocks from 4 to 6.
Unlike the Fleischmann block system, the big advantage of the Lenz BM3 block system is that the train slows down and stops at the signal without any interruption in engine noise or lighting, then starts up again progressively as soon as the block is free. Additional parking tracks were built on level - 1.
Later, my loco fleet was enriched with digital sound engines.

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BM3 Lenz modules

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