Notice de montage des contacts électromagnétiques 6435 FLEISCHMANN

The 6435 control contact is a momentary contact for a maximum current of 0.8 A, 12-14 V~, which is totally independent of the traction current.
Pulses are generated by a 9426/9427 magnet, which can be attached to either locomotives or wagons.
From the underside of the rail, press the dowels provided into the holes provided. Remove the dowels and insert the 6435 unit into the rail. Attach the terminals from below (see Fig. 1 to 4). Connect the wires to the terminals.
To ensure safe operation, magnet 9426/9427 should be fitted at the height of the vehicle wheel axles (maximum distance: 5 mm between magnet and contact). If the vehicle to be equipped has bogies, the magnet must be fixed to one of them so that, even when cornering, it always passes through the middle of the two rails, above the contact.

The vehicle fitted with the magnet must never stop above the ignition, as this would result in prolonged power supply to the electromagnetic devices.
Fig. 5 shows the basic diagram. One terminal of contact 6435 is connected to the white terminal of the transformer. The second terminal of contact 6435 is connected to the coloured wire of the electromagnetic device to be controlled. 

Then the black wire of this same device is connected to the black terminal of the transformer.
When the electromagnetic device has two windings (points, relays, paddle signals), a separate 6435 contact must be provided for each winding.

Other connection examples :
Fig. 6 shows a block section with 6205 signals.
Fig. 7 shows an automatic lateral protection against slinging, in conjunction with signals 6226, a relay 6955 and a 36° crossing, 6160.
Fig. 8 shows an example of the use of stop device 6953 (e.g. for a sorting bundle).
Fig. 9 shows a siding or overtaking track. This diagram alternately releases one or other track.

Important note:
If you are connecting several electromagnetic turnouts and lighting accessories to a single transformer, we recommend using the 6706 transformer because of the higher current consumption.

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