Trolley to intervene under the network

To intervene under my network which is 90 cms of the ground, I realized this flexible trolley on castors offering:
- A horizontal position,
- Two semi-recumbent positions.

Here is below the plan quoted for its realization:

This trolley is realized in plywood of 10 mm and both sides battened by 18 mm. The swivelling castors on deck are 60 mm one diameter.
As can be seen on the plan above, both sides come down to 10 mm of the ground, to warn the shift of the trolley on its castors.

For a better comfort the basis is covered with a carpet-foam that I cut from a carpet of Fitness (that we find in a sports store) and stuck on the plywood.

Here is the wagon(trolley) in horizontal position...

... And now in semi-recumbent position

Detail of the folding console serving as central support.
On the left the leg of support of the dosseret.

The leg of folding support of the dosseret

View of hinges placed under the basis

Oblique position 1.
(Notice the stuck carpet-foam)

Oblique position 2.

Horizontal position.