Here is my TCO made on a sheet of aluminum on which I pasted the track diagram of the two slides, printed on a photo paper in A4 format. All covered with a plexigass sheet.

The necessary drilling of the holes to receive the indicators requires a great deal of care.

I made it with a column drill by tightening the foil and plexiglass well between two cleats as close as possible to the locations to be drilled (otherwise, risk of tearing the photo paper).

It is necessary to choose a slow drilling speed and advance slowly because the plexiglass melts easily in the heat released by the drill.


On the left side of the TCO, the lights corresponding to the 6 cantons, controlled by the Lenz BM3 modules.

Green the canton is free, red it is occupied. The traffic lights on the network are activated eventually.

Here is the reverse of the scenery with all the connections.