My system plan

Below my system plan, made double track, allowing me to avoid a reversal of polarity reversal of levels - 2 loops out and - 1, as well as the creation of an additional track leading dead-end to a small station of goods.
This network l measures 2.50 m to 2.05 m and contains 4 levels; It develops about 67 meters of track.

Above the station hidden in the level - 2; access down the helical ramp which can be seen the end at the bottom left.

then here's the hidden station at level-1 and the initiation of the right ramp leading to level 0.

Finally below the level 0 called "level of parade" including station travellers with 2 lanes lines and the rack railway track leading towards the Castle, at level + 1...

.. in bypassing the village and through a tunnel under the mountain, and then crossing the Valley on a long viaduct in curve to continue in the trench to the upper station, departure point for excursions to the Castle.

Nomenclature of used rails
Voici une vue d'ensemble avec décors (N0 + N+1)

and here is an overview

And now the other side with above initiation of the helical ramp seen from the level - 2

Above the level - 1, stop at the township 2

Level - 2

Levels -2 And - 1

Levels -2 And - 1 (in the first plan the block system Fleischmann)

Below the level-2 township 1 and level-1 township 2